Netcraft: DigitalOcean Now 3rd Largest Web Facing Cloud

The story behind DigitalOcean’s meteoric rise to prominence within the IaaS arena is the type of story that Hollywood makes movies about. Just a couple months ago, CloudWedge reported that DigitalOcean had opened up their first datacenter across the pond in London, England. In December 2013, CloudWedge noted that DigitalOcean was ranked 15th overall when ranked among all IaaS providers. At the end of 2012, NetCraft had rated DigitalOcean outside of the top 1,500 cloud IaaS providers in the world. In just two years, DigitalOcean has risen from nothing into being one of the biggest competitors in the cloud arena and they did it using one principle: keeping it simple.

Data Center Knowledge mentions that at the end of 2012, DigitalOcean only had 140 servers facing the web. Today, DigitalOcean owns, operates or administrates over 116,000 servers for its clients. This increase in servers represents a mind blowing 82,750% rate of increase since the end of 2012. Mitch Wainer, DigitalOcean co-founder is quoted as saying “We were certainly a late entrant; We felt the cloud hosting issue was broken and saw it as an opportunity to disrupt.”

Wainer continued his comments to Data Center Knowledge by mentioning, “If you look at all the different providers and how they deliver products, it’s very clunky.” Wainer continues, “We prioritized user experience on day one and focused on catering, empowering, enabling the developer. It’s always been our mantra.” Wainer goes on to explain that, “If you’re a dev, there was no easy solution to deploy online. You’d have to go through an enormous amount of steps and wait to deploy it.”

DigitalOcean has built its business model on simplifying cloud application development by incorporating parts of PaaS into IaaS which has streamlined the application development process. DigitalOcean recently received nearly $40 million in investment capital from Andreessen Horowitz and it appears that capital has been put to good use, considering DigitalOcean’s incredible rise to prominence within the IaaS. Could DigitalOcean overtake the likes AWS? It’s too early to start asking that question however the executives AWS are certainly concerned about DigitalOcean’s ability to steal away many of their customers.