Oracle Debuts Additional Gov’t Cloud Apps

Oracle has found its way onto the desktops of some federal agencies and now Oracle looks to expand its offerings by allowing the U.S. federal government access to its newly expanded Oracle Government Cloud Platform. The newest additions to the cloud platform are Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud. This marks the 2nd time that Oracle has expanded its Software as a Service offerings to federal government since becoming FEDRAMP certified.

Oracle has a lot of experience in dealing with government clients. Many of Oracle’s most high profile clients are members of the US government therefore Oracle already had inroads with many of the government’s CIOs.

Charles King is the principal analyst at Pund-IT. He recently did an interview with Sci Tech Today in which he commented on Oracle’s announcement by saying, “This announcement is a follow-on to other solutions available via the Government Cloud platform so they simply build on Oracle’s established cloud foundation; Finally, the promotional focus is tilted toward claims of how the solutions can help government agencies increase productivity, lower costs, improve controls and enhance their public services and interactions.”

Oracle will continue to go toe to toe against its main competitor in this space: SAP. SAP and its HANA products have made headway with large corporations but SAP has not resonated with governments in the same way that Oracle products have. Oracle feels as if it has a small window in order win over the hearts and minds of government CIOs so that Oracle’s cloud solutions become a preferred SaaS vendor.

Sci Tech Today also quoted Christina Batorski who works in the Human Resources department for the City of Chicago. Ms. Batorski voiced her positive sentiments about the new Oracle Cloud offerings by saying, “With Oracle Human Capital Management, we created an automated, transparent recruiting process that enables us to better screen our applicants and fill positions more quickly.”