PageProof: Get Instant Feedback Using the Cloud

Collaboration is not a new concept to cloud computing. With new cloud based collaboration apps cropping up every month, it is often hard for vendors to set themselves apart from the rest. Yet, PageProof feel that they do exactly that with what they call the worlds first fully encrypted cloud proofing and approval system.

This secure browser based tool allows users to upload content to be for collaborative review, edits and even voted upon by their peers and colleagues. When user feedback is solicited, users are able to click on a red pen icon that allows them to input their comment. Once this is completed, their comment is permanently attached to their name. Users can alternatively endorse comments versus commenting on them as well. Although edits and comments can be added, only the person who uploaded the proof remains the master in control. The tool can be accessed through any browser on all mobile devices and desktops, there is no  software or plugins to download and install and in order to the set up of an account, a user has to simply provide an email address and password.

It is set to be launched in 2015 and with the strong security component is likely to have use across the market from students collaborating on coursework all the way through to lawyers negotiating a contract. When asked who could get the most use out of PageProof, co-founder Hurst said, “PageProof is for anyone who creates material and wants feedback.” Though an earlier version of this tool was released back in 2001, it was exclusive to New Zealand based users, whereas this new tool has been designed with sights on the global market. The tool is aqualy so unique that PageProof has a patent pending.

PageProof’s co-founders, Gemma Hurst and Marcus Radich say the beta release will be made available to those who have signed up early 2015, and the full launch will take place mid next year.