Qumu Video Cloud Released in IBM Cloud Marketplace

The popular Qumu video platform service is now available for use within the IBM Cloud Marketplace. IBM’s Cloud Marketplace, which was re-launched earlier this year, includes a plethora of software options for end users to learn, evaluate and purchase the most innovative productivity suites. With the release of Qumu Cloud Video Solution within the IBM Marketplace, end users will have the ability to create eye catching video productions that include interactive functionality that can shared all through out the organization with just a few clicks of the mouse. Qumu cloud also works outside of organizations allowing business users to share their creations with vendors, partners and clientele.
A press release was posted to BusinessWire that details some of the new features. Titled with the headline, “Partnership Brings the Power of Video to Enterprise with Ease of Use”, the PR statement goes on to describe the new offering as: “An enterprise-level video presentation and content management system designed for ease of use and rapid rollout. Anyone can distribute user-generated or professionally produced content live or on-demand within minutes. With full-featured viewing experiences including video synchronized with PowerPoint slides, interactivity, audience participation and other media, presentations through Qumu Cloud engage and inform audiences. Qumu Cloud delivers rich media presentations to desktops, mobile devices, and on public displays.”
Additionally, Qumu goes on to mention that, “The platform has extensive analytical and feedback tools providing an in depth insight into content consumption and user behavior.”
Vern Hanzlik, an Executive Vice President at Qumu, weighed in Qumu’s new home in the IBM Cloud Marketplace by saying, “Having Qumu Cloud in the IBM Marketplace brings the power of video to companies with this easy to deploy, use, and consume solution.” Hanzlik concludes, “This partnership further extends our relationship with IBM which includes our integrations with Connections, WebSphere, IBM ECM and our deployment of our hybrid solution on SoftLayer.”