Scottish iomart Moving up in European Clouds

Glasgow based cloud computing company, iomart, have made a few notable headlines in the last couple of weeks. Iomart was founded in 1998 by entrepreneur Angus MacSween and is a leading provider of complex managed and cloud computing services.  Today, they reported a notable 28% growth in half yearly revenues, to £31.5 Million (Aprox $49.3 Million) ended 30 September 2014. This is an increased revenue growth from £24.6 Million (Aprox $38.5 Million) in their first half of this year. Pre-tax profit was up 26% at £5.5 Million (Aprox $8.6 Million) .

One of the causes of the added success has been attributed to the sustained benefits of buying out the competition, namely: Backup Technology and Redstation, last year.

Last week it was announced that iomart was one of a handful of hosting companies to be chosen to be part of Microsoft’s new Cloud Solution Provider programme and EMC has also selected iomart as its European partner for the launch of EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.

Angus MacSween, CEO of iomart is reported as saying, “The market opportunity remains large and long term and, in a fast moving and ever evolving industry we have the skills and experience to continue to perform well. Our focus going forward is on continuing to deepen our relationships with the large Tier 1 vendors and their growing trust in our abilities gives me great confidence for iomart’ s prospects in the years ahead.”

Additionally, iomart has made further news with their latest acquisition. Iomart also reported the acquisition of ServerSpace Limited for £4.25m. ServerSpace is a provider for cloud and managed hosting services in addition to colocation and connectivity services. ServerSpace is a notable company in its own right and was named by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK in both 2012 and 2013.

Tim Pat Dufficy, the managing director and founder at ServerSpace said, “The hosting market is hugely competitive and one of the problems we’ve had is that although we’ve got the expertise and know-how, we’ve often been beaten to the bigger deals because we’re small. Having the weight of a big and impressive parent company like iomart behind us will give us a much better chance of winning those deals.”