SingleHop Releases Virtual Private Cloud Offering

Chicago based cloud provider SingleHop has formally announced its launch of its new Virtual Private Cloud which is being billed as a one sized fits all cloud for organizations of any size. SingleHop announced the new offering through a press release.

In the release, SingleHop notes that its new VPC is “Built on a range of enterprise technologies from VMware, Veeam, EMC, and many others, and fully integrated with SingleHop’s global cloud automation and orchestration platform, Virtual Private Cloud provides a groundbreaking way for businesses of any size to benefit from a private, yet scalable cloud strategy.”

Forbes contributor Ben Kepes commented on the release by asking if SingleHop’s Virtual Private Cloud was too late to the game or if it possessed “True value.” Kepes, a well respected cloud computing analysts, writes, “Will organizations leverage discrete components on their own, in order to build a highly customized offering, albeit one which needs lots of work to get set up? Or will organizations take advantage of a vendor that promises them a fully built-out solution that takes advantage of best of breed products?”

Jordan Jacobs, VP of Products at SingleHop, mentions in the release, “Deploying a Virtual Private Cloud solves a number of common problems for businesses today. First, the pricing model is allocation-driven, easy to understand and fixed, meaning you don’t pay more just because you deploy a new Virtual Server inside of a Virtual Private Cloud.”  Jacobs goes on to say, “Second, it’s scalable, in two ways. You can allocate and reallocate your resources to any Virtual Server inside of your Virtual Private Cloud anytime you want. And finally, the size of your Virtual Private Cloud itself can be scaled quickly and easily.”

SingleHop, which has built its virtual private cloud offering on top of VMware architecture, recently acquired over $20M in capital from Battery Ventures.