Sony Reveals Playstation Vue, A Cloud TV Service

Sony has introduced the PlayStation Vue Service, which will allow those with a PS3, PS4 and even those with a mobile device such as an iPad to watch on-demand television from popular networks and studios. The PlayStation Vue service is notable because it will allow users to reach live TV networks and on-demand videos without having a cable or satellite TV subscription. One popular feature of the PlayStation Vue service is that the service automatically turns the last 3 days of television programming into on-demand content. This means that users never have to worry about setting up a DVR to watch their favorite shows; they simply have to watch the shows within 3 days of premiering on TV.

The executive team at Sony have linked up PlayStation Vue with some of the biggest entertainment creators in the world. Sony has inked deals with Discovery networks, CBS, NBCUniversal, Viacom and Fox, just to name a few. Many analysts noted that TimeWarner and Disney have not made a deal with PlayStation Vue. This will likely change in the upcoming weeks as the service is slated to go into beta testing in several large markets in Q1 2015.

It is important to note that Disney is a parent company of ESPN and many sports fans keep their traditional television subscriptions because they do not want to lose access to their sports programming. In this regard, Playstation Vue could be a game changer if it were able to bring sports to your TV using your gaming console. Imagine being able to resume your game of Madden with your buddies during commercials while watching Monday Night Football which is broadcast on ESPN.

Cloud has become essential in consumers “Cutting the cord.” The term comes from the mass exodus cable and satellite TV providers are experiencing now that the internet can legally deliver the most of the audience’s favorite shows on any device at any time with a fraction of the advertising that consumer experience when tuning into traditional television networks.

Sony notes that the beta will start off with about 75 channels. Sony has not officially set the price on the service but a New York Times piece mentioned that industry executives expect the service to cost around $60 per month. This may seem expensive compared to a service such as Netflix. However, what Netflix offers and what Sony plans to offer are two entirely different services with Sony focusing on new content while Netflix focuses on content that has already been syndicated or released on DVD.