Sophos’ Cloud Offerings Expand w/ Acquisition of Mojave

Security giant Sophos has made a move to acquire an innovative cloud based security startup entitled Mojave Networks. You may recall that Mojave Networks is a company based on San Mateo, California and the company promises “Advanced Security for a Mobile World.”

A press release posted on Marketwatch quotes Kris Hagerman, the CEO of Sophos as saying, “Mojave Networks is a young innovative company that has built a leading platform right at the intersection of three cutting-edge areas of security: cloud, web security, and mobile.”

Hagerman’s praises and excitement regarding the acquisition of Mojave didn’t stop there. Hagerman went on to say, “We’re dedicated to delivering security that is both powerful and comprehensive, but also simple. By integrating Mojave Networks’ technology into Sophos Cloud, we’re extending our leadership position and enhancing an offering that is already one of the fastest growing products in Sophos’ history.”

Sophos expects to begin including Mojave Network’s proprietary technology into Sophos’ product lineup beginning in 2015. Sophos plans on releasing data center appliances at the end of 2015 that are built using technology acquired from Mojave.

Garrett Larson of Mojave also seemed pleased with the deal. The CEO of Mojave was quoted, “As part of Sophos we can continue to pursue our vision of comprehensive security for a mobile workforce at an accelerated pace, as we take full advantage of the rapid growth of Sophos Cloud, Sophos’ world-class community of more than 15,000 partners, and Sophos’ global presence. We’re excited to join such an innovative and disruptive leader in the IT security space.”

Sophos mentions that it has over 100 million end users using its products in over 150 nations. Sophos is proud to offer easy to configure solutions that allow administrators to have a complete overview of the regarding the security of their network infrastructure.