Square Enix Debuts Shinra Technologies for Cloud Gaming

The cloud gaming market is getting competitive and Square Enix, the creators of the Final Fantasy video game franchise have decided to jump into the mix. Shinra Technologies is aiming to create a revolutionary gaming experience using the cloud. The project once known as Project Flare has blossomed into Shinra Technologies. This spin off will allow Square Enix to establish market share within the increasingly popular cloud gaming segment.

With the announcement of Shinra Technologies, Square Enix also mentioned that Shinra Technologies will work alongside Avalanche Studios. Shinra’s headquarters resides in New York City which consequently is the same city Avalanche Studios is based.

Shinra looks to change the game, so to say, in cloud gaming. Shinra will be led by former president at Square Enix Yoichi Wada. Mr. Wada mentions, “The industry will only continue its expansion, but in due time a correction to this path is necessary.” Wada also believes that Shinra will create a “New ecosystem for the games industry.”

Shinra Technologies took the opportunity to brag about some of the games and features that the new cloud gaming service will offer. VB reports that Shinra will be able use the cloud to deliver large-scale maps for RPGs. For example, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will feature maps that are 17 times larger than what is currently available.

Shinra expects to begin its beta testing in Japan in early 2015. Jacob Novak of Shinra commented on the announcement by saying, “This is like a holy mission; We are crazy gamers who are frustrated with games coming out. We see cookie-cutter games on consoles. We want to drive the engine of game design.” Novak also went on to say, “If we simply bring traditional games to the cloud, you will never get a game experience that surpasses current games. We want developers to create entirely new games with revolutionary game experiences.”