Three of the Top PaaS Vendors for 2015

Platform as a Service has gained popularity among agile application development crews wanting to launch their products into the cloud. PaaS hosting is a competitive market with some organizations striving to offer larger benefits over their competition in order to win over your business. The best PaaS vendor for your organization will likely be a vendor that is able to support the framework that is natively used within your production environment. With this being said, not all PaaS vendors are created equally and you should always choose a PaaS provider that is able to understand the intricacies of your development environment.

eApps Hosting

eApps is notable because the company has stood the test of time while pivoting to cloud solutions when the market dictated that it was necessary. With over 25 years in application hosting experience, eApps is one of the premier PaaS providers on the internet. eApps has a rock solid reputation within the PaaS field and the corporate team at eApps has ensured that knowledable technical support is available that is just a phone call away. eApps provides a simple to use interface while providing you with easy to understand billing terms and policies. Learn more about eApps innovative cloud hosting solutions on the web hosting reviews page.

IBM’s BlueMix

IBM launched BlueMix earlier this year to complement its IaaS solution SoftLayer. BlueMix is currently available on IBM’s cloud hosting solution SoftLayer as its premier PaaS offering. BlueMix offers developers an easier method of developing cloud applications for enterprise use. At the IBM’s Pulse 2014 conference held in Las Vegas earlier this year, an IBM presenter Robert LeBlanc demonstrated how easy it was to begin developing on BlueMix by creating an application in front of the crowd who had gathered at the convention. IBM’s BlueMix is an instant hit and BlueMix brings immediate value to the enterprise PaaS game.


SalesForce is an innovator in the cloud market. Being in business since 2005, SalesForce has become a leader in cloud application hosting and development. SalesForce has forged strategic partnerships with the likes of Microsoft over the past summer in effort to ramp up each other’s cloud offerings. SalesForce is also trying to break into the wearable application vertical as well the federal government’s cloud endeavors as evidenced by SalesForce’s recent acquisition of their FedRamp certification. Although SalesForce is a veteran in the cloud market, SalesForce continues to impress with consistent delivery of cutting edge innovations for the cloud.