Tute Genomics Raises $2.3 Million for Cloud-Based Genome Analysis

Genetics research is at the forefront of the medical field today, with genome mapping at the spearhead expected to help combat genetic diseases in our time. More and more, genome sequencing is becoming standard practice for both clinicians and researchers, and the data compiled with this is enormous. With the aid of the cloud we are able to store and analyze the data in ways that previously would have been beyond imagination.

One such cloud provider is Tute Genomics, a provider of cloud-based solutions for genome analysis. Their service is designed to incorporate proprietary machine-learning algorithms with a cloud based application to enable researchers to analyze and interpret entire human genomes. This enables them to identify and locate genes and biomarkers at an exceptional rate.

Dr. Reid Robison, CEO of Tute Genomics explained,  “We are at a pivotal time in genomics as the healthcare community adopts next-generation sequencing and seeks new approaches for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. One of the main barriers to making personalised, genome-guided medicine a reality is data analysis, and Tute’s platform drastically decreases the complexity and cost of analysing genomic data sets. With the support of our new and existing investors, this financing will help us achieve our goal of transforming healthcare by bringing genomic insights into routine medical practice.”

Just recently Tute Genomics, raised $2.3 million in Series A1 funding led by UK-based Eurovestech, with other investor including Peak Ventures and a number of angel investors.

Kai Wang, president of Tute is reported as saying, “Next-generation sequencing is poised to revolutionize healthcare, however, analysing this type of large-scale complex genetic data has traditionally been too difficult and costly. At Tute, we are excited to be solving these challenges by combining computational biology with big data technologies in an intuitive user interface so that more and more healthcare and research organisations can tap into the potential of the human genome to deliver valuable information about health and disease.”

Currently Tute has over 300 users across a range of organizations, including pharma & biotech companies, genetics labs, and research centers. Some better known European users include: ABL’s OncoChek software, DataBiology’s Enterprise SaaS tool for oncology, and Patients Know Best’s personal health record.