Users Warned of 48 Hour Outage on Verizon Cloud

Perhaps with the hope of keeping under the radar, broadband and telecommunications giant Verizon, ended 2014 by sending out an email notification to their customers warning them of a possible 48 hour maintenance outage of their enterprise cloud service. The scheduled maintenance is due to take place from 1 a.m. EST on Saturday January 10th.

GigaOm was amongst the firm to report the announcement and have verified that a Verizon spokesperson confirmed the platform upgrade. However the Verizon spokesperson did some backpedaling by mentioning that the 48 hour potential outage length was likely to have been an overstatement by Verizon’s customer services team. The spokesperson was quoted as saying, “we do these upgrades periodically, the last one being right before Thanksgiving and there was zero impact”.

Naturally users are quite peeved by the announcement and have turned to twitter to air their complaints. One such user is Kenneth White, a security researcher and co-director of the Open Crypto Audit Project (OCAP). Kenneth Initially shared the email announcement on his Twitter page, his Twitter handle is @KennWhite.

Verizon email cloud outage

Kenn proceeded to email Verizon to find out more about the scheduled maintenance and also shared the reply:

Verizons reply to outage questions

This sparked a heated conversation that was joined by a member of Verizon Cloud’s social media team. These are some tweets from the exchange:

Tweet from Verizon

sam tweet

Kenn tweet to Verizon