Verizon Cloud Marketplace Opens Its Doors

Popular cloud service providers have opened up cloud marketplaces at a rapid pace over the past year. Not one to be outdone, Verizon decided to follow suit with its plans and open its own marketplace which is aptly dubbed Verizon Cloud Marketplace. Verizon’s new offering of cloud services leverage its partnerships with some of cloud’s biggest players. Verizon mentions that the first products it will offer in its cloud marketplace are products and services made by AppDynamics, Hitachi Data Systems, Juniper Networks, Tervela and pfSense

Verizon’s cloud marketplace gives business leaders a powerful line up of cloud based apps that they can begin using within their environment immediately. Verizon’s Cloud Marketplace has many of the hot technologies associated with cloud covered including apps that help with Big Data, cloud security, software development and software defined networking. Verizon designed its cloud marketplace to require less administrative effort than what normally would be required which frees up IT staff from having to constantly recalibrate the cloud services that they have purchased.

Siki Giunta is the senior vice president of cloud services for Verizon Enterprise Solution. Giunta recently stated, “The launch of Verizon Cloud Marketplace is an important milestone in the ongoing evolution of our cloud ecosystem. Verizon Cloud Marketplace is all about simplifying and streamlining migration to the cloud, and enterprises using Verizon Cloud will now have access to a growing number of industry-leading cloud-based applications required to power their businesses in the digital age.

You could consider this to be Verizon’s Cloud Marketplace 1.0 as Verizon representatives mention that they plan on offering more Software as a Service in their marketplace in the future. Verizon also plans offering cloud services that are powered by data center appliances that Verizon would host and maintain for the end user. These appliances often perform a specific task better than a virtualized server instance. There is no time table for when these additional apps and services will become available in the Verizon Cloud Marketplace.