Verizon Outage: Shorter Than Expected

Last week we reported that Verizon sent an email notification to users of their enterprise cloud service warning them of a possible 48 hour maintenance outage. This was than chanced to a warning of ‘up to’ 48 hours from an official spokesperson, and it seems that they were true to their word. The outage ended up only being for 20 hours and took place from 1 a.m. EST on Saturday January 10th, and continued until 5 pm EST on January 11.

The outage has caused a lot of frustration from Verizon users, as many could not fathom how such a significant player within the cloud market could inconvenience their users for so long. However, Verizon claim that this outage will be the last scheduled maintenance outage that will take place for this service- ever.

This was expressed in the official press release on the Verizon website that read, “The seamless upgrade functionality allows Verizon to conduct major system upgrades without interrupting service or limiting infrastructure capacity. Traditionally, updates have been made via rolling maintenance and other methods. Many cloud vendors require customers to set up virtual machines in multiple zones or upgrade domains, which can increase the cost and complexity. Additionally, those customers must reboot their virtual machines after maintenance has occurred.

Verizon eliminates these requirements, since virtually all maintenance and upgrades to Verizon Cloud will now happen in the background with no impact to customers.”

Users were not immediately contacted that the service had resumed, rather some users only found out through posts on Verizons social media pages,there was also a press release about the new changes. Verizon posted the following to twitter:

 verizon tweet end of outage

Some users only discovered of the change by constantly checking on the Verizon website. As one user posted on twitter:

 kenn white twitter responce

The new features from the maintenance update took immediate immediately for all Verizon Cloud customers.

William Fellows, the co-founder and research vice president at 451 Research was reported as saying, “We see Verizon continue to invest in Verizon Cloud. Infrastructure improvements that have a positive impact on availability and the customer experience position Verizon Cloud well for continued market adoption.”


Updated: January 12th 3:56pm