ZeusHash Awards Free Cloud Hashing Credits to New Clients

Several years ago, crypto currencies were mined using custom built rigs that implemented bulky, power consuming video cards. Traditionally, crypto currencies were mined using GPU’s from the high end video card which in return minted Bitcoins and other types of popular crypto currencies. These rigs were originally built out in the basements and garages of hobbyists and enthusiasts.

The maturation of ASIC chips combined with the rise of the cloud has changed the way investors have approached the mining of crypto currencies. ZeusHash, like other cloud mining companies, began its operation in order to gain market share in this quickly evolving business sector. We have previously written about other cloud based cryptocurrency mining companies such as CloudHashing and GAW miners.

In just the first two weeks of operation, ZeusHash boasts that it has added 10,000 new accounts. Starting on October 16th and ending today, October 20th, ZeusHash mentions that it is giving away gift bags to the next 2,000 sign ups. This will allow users to begin mining Bitcoins and Litecoins in the cloud for free.

ZeusHash is a start up cloud based crypto currency mining platform that allows end users to buy cloud contracts that will guarantee the user a certain amount of computing power.  ZeusHash’s press release mentions that users can begin with their free hashing credits by implementing the following process:

1. Users simply sign up on ZeusHash.com and then select the amount of mining power and type of ZeusHash node.
2. ZeusHash allocates the closest node automatically.
3. Full mining power at the closest node is now mining Bitcoin or Litecoin tirelessly.
4. Users can check their account using the ZeusHash website on PC or mobile devices and monitor their new source of Bitcoin income immediately.
5. Cloud mining enthusiasts can now turn their ROI into cryptocurrency earnings.