51Degrees Uses Cloud to Provide Analytics on the Device Viewing Your Website

51Degrees has released a cloud based version of its device detection suite that gives web developers insight into the devices that visitors are using when they visit a website. Device detection is a growing market and 51Degrees says that its current clients claim that they have seen a 40% increase in revenues since using the on-premises version.
As consumers begin to view web content on non-traditional devices such as televisions, tablets and smartphones, web developers need to game plan for this accordingly. Using the 51Degrees cloud based device detection solution, you can get detailed analytics on the device viewing your website. Basic analytics platforms may give you details such as the screen resolution of the visitor. 51Degrees takes it a step further.
With 51Degrees device detection suite, you get advanced analytics that detail over 100 key properties such as the input methods and actual size of the screen size of your visitor.  The premium version of 51Degrees’ device detection app will search its database of over 20,000 devices to give you key insights on the device such as model and manufacturer.
The Reading, UK based company mentions that they are also providing a free version designed for those just starting out while the paid version costs $25 per month.  CEO James Roswell is quoted in a press release saying, “Device detection and web optimization is crucial for any business to deliver the most effective web experience whatever device the website is being browsed on. Our cloud services provide a highly cost effective introduction to its capabilities.”
Although 51Degrees’ cloud based device detection solution has been deployed in over 5 datacenters across the globe, Roswell goes on to say that, “Whilst ‘On-Premise’ device detection is still by far the fastest and most effective method of device detection for commercial websites, cloud services are now reliable enough to serve the small business and individual markets.”