5G Challenges and Opportunities in 2019—ResearchAndMarkets.com

Mobile network operators (MNOs) are currently under competitive pressure, as investors also pressure for the rapid deployment of the 5G. However, the network technology options and cases of use for 5G have greater complexities compared to the earlier generations of mobile networks.

ResearchAndMarkets.com have prepared a report that looks into the several challenges that MNOs will encounter when deploying 5G and also present a concrete and comprehensive analysis of the technology options MNOs have to accommodate their priorities and their business models. The various recommendations for senior management that exist within mobile operators were provided. They include CEOs, CFOs and CTOs.

In this report, ResearchAndMarkets.com have answered several questions such as why 5G is different than previous generations of networks, the question of the options available to MNOs for 5G deployment, and the question of if the use cases MNOs are likely to first focus on in a bid to fulfill their market entry strategy, amongst others.

The report was prepared to be read by a broad range of people who are interested in the subject matter as well as those that have one obligation or the other to the subject matter. Some of these people include the business and product strategy executives in vendor companies that develop or offer 5G software and hardware, Network strategy executives or CTOs within mobile operators who want to understand the deployment and drivers trends of their peers, investors in start-ups or listed companies that specialize in these technologies and officials in open-source or standards organizations that focus on these technologies.

The key topics covered in this report includes the executive summary, analysis and recommendations, why taming 5G would be more difficult than previous generations, NSA architecture implications, challenges and opportunities for operators and vendors and more.

Apparently, the report is full and it would be highly beneficial in general for tech savvy individuals; looking to tap into the various opportunities that would come with the 5G.