87% of Cloud Consumers Think Cloud Apps Can Be Hacked

Image Attribution: Flickr

When you ask a grizzled IT veteran and a normal everyday consumer to define cloud, you’re likely to get two vastly different answers.
That’s because each see the cloud in their own way, and a according to the results of a survey conducted by Radware, consumers certainly have reservations and negative connotations when it comes to purchasing and using cloud services.
Radware is a company that provides products that deflect and prevent cyber attacks. Because of this, Radware has earned a reputation for being the go to vendor in terms of cyber security and application delivery services.
In Radware’s survey, which was commissioned by Harris Polls, over 2,000 adults in the United States were chimed in and told Radware what they thought about consumer cloud. Here are few factoids from Radware’s findings:

  • 87% of consumers said that they thought cloud apps could be easily hacked.
  • 54% of respondents said that they would discontinue using an app, if that app leaked their data.
  • 1 out of 3 adults indicated that they used cloud apps.
  • The most popular cloud apps among consumers were fitness apps (1 out of 6).
  • Transportation and financial apps are being used by 1 out of every 10 polled.

“Data breaches and hacks are not only on the rise, they are becoming commonplace,” says Ben Desjardins, Director of Security Solutions Marketing at Radware.
“At the same time, cloud-based apps are booming, offering convenient ways to expedite and simplify daily needs from ordering a meal to requesting a car with the tap of a finger. Consumers by and large don’t understand the cloud-based nature of what’s behind the tap, and so companies trying to engage with customers through these apps will bear the burden of education and remediation in the event of a data breach,” added Desjardins.
Radware has published its complete findings in a white paper, which can be found on the Radware website.