A Whopping 150 Companies Have Adopted Veeva Vault RIM Applications for Their Regulatory Procedures

The Veeva Systems has just announced the great increase they have recorded as many life sciences companies are rapidly embracing their solutions.

Over 150 companies have embraced the Veeva Vault RIM applications and are now making use of it. It is also impressive to know that four of the ten biggest and globally known pharmaceutical companies are also one of those using this technology that gives well integrated regulatory information management (RIM) capabilities one on cloud-based platform, all in a bid to improve and modernize the regulatory systems and processes of these companies.

The benefits of the Veeva Vault RIM Suite are numerous which makes it a very juicy technology for companies. Vault RIM collates all content having to do with regulatory processes to a general platform; a single source of data for teams, so it can be an authoritative reference for published dossiers, submission documents, product registrations and health authority interactions. Hence, the need for a variety of systems used by life sciences companies to ensure adequate regulatory procedures has been abolished. This is indeed a brilliant innovation by the Veeva Development Cloud and the massive feat they have achieved is only the result of a job well done.

The rapid increase in the number of companies going for this solution shows of evidence of its benefits such as a great alignment globally (such that the companies have visibility across all activities with partners, affiliates and their own internal activities), speed in reaching out to the global market, being able to achieve trusted content as well as reliable data and lastly, a platform that keeps all the parties involved connected and in unity.

The processes involved in regulatory information management are indeed changing all over the globe, thanks to the Veeva Vault RIM innovation, hence the companies trooping to be part of the technology. It is now easier for the teams involved to identify lapses since all the information is being made available on one platform.

The Veeva Development Cloud is focused on helping organizations achieve the aim of driving end-to-end business procedures and this goal is manifested in the Veeva Vault RIM Suite.