A10 Networks Delivers Advanced DDoS Mitigation Service

Image Attribution: Flickr

With recent high profile DDoS attacks happening to mainline news websites such as the BBC and others, the concept of protecting your data against a multi-vector DDoS attack is fresh on everyone’s mind.
A10 Networks, a leader in networking and security, has just announced new enhancements to its multi vector DDoS threat mitigation service. The service is called Thunder TPS and the app is currently at version 3.2.
The newest features of Thunder TPS 3.2 include its ability to send alerts to VeriSign’s DDoS service while utilizing the OpenHybrid API. Other enhancements include Thunder TPS’s ability to intelligently provide an “Always On” experience for IT staff.
Thunder TPS 3.2 lets businesses that may not have much bandwidth reach out to VeriSign’s DDoS using signaling in order to determine the need for volumetric DDoS protection for your site.
Not only that, A10 Networks says that Thunder TPS 3.2 easily integrates into existing DDoS detection solutions. Thunder uses open networking standards so that the software can conform to different security protocols found all throughout different industries.
By using other A10 products alongside Thunder TPS, such as “aGalaxy,” businesses can further streamline the deployment of their cloud based security services all throughout the enterprise.
“Devastating multi-vector DDoS attacks are on the rise and in everyday news. Organizations will inevitably become targets of these cyber-attacks, causing major disruptions to their business,” says Sanjay Kapoor, Vice President of Global Marketing at A10 Networks.
“With the expanded capabilities of Thunder TPS 3.2 and integration with Verisign’s OpenHybrid™, organizations can enable the always-on application experience that their customers demand from them,” adds Kapoor.
A10 Network’s Thunder TPS 3.2 gives organizations the ability to deploy hybrid DDoS protection all throughout the enterprise.
This reduces your attack surface while simultaneously keeps your business safe while utilizing cloud DDoS mitigation services, whenever multi-vector attacks are detected.