Accenture Buys Cloud Sherpas to Increase Cloud Offerings

Image Attribution: Flickr

Accenture is known as one of the world’s leading technology consulting firms. Accenture has released a statement saying that they have purchased Cloud Sherpas for an undisclosed amount. Cloud Sherpas is known as a top service integrator of the Google, Service Now and Salesforce platforms.
In the deal, Accenture will end up acquiring over 1,100 employees from Cloud Sherpas. This is advantageous for Accenture, considering the fact that the firm’s cloud consultation services are being rapidly consumed by some of the top names in business. Accenture believes that Cloud Sherpas has some of the world’s top cloud talent, which was a big reason as to why Accenture executed the buyout.
By integrating Cloud Sherpas into Accenture, a new venture will be announced called the Accenture Cloud First Applications team. This team will deliver cloud services for “Pure play” technologies based on the following vendors: Google, NetSuite, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Workday.
“Accenture’s Cloud First agenda is a game-changer that offers transformational cloud services to help clients move their businesses to the cloud and achieve significant business results more quickly. I look forward to welcoming the talented professionals of Cloud Sherpas to Accenture,” says Paul Daugherty, the CTO at Accenture.
“We’ve reached a tipping point in cloud as our clients rapidly adopt cloud solutions,” Daugherty added.
The buyout of Cloud Sherpas is being well received by industry giants. Keith Block, a president at SalesForce, praised the move by Accenture to buyout Cloud Sherpas saying that the move creates a better ecosystem for the SalesForce platform.
Cloud Sherpas began in 2007 as a small firm that helped businesses integrate with cloud services. Since then, Cloud Sherpas has won multiple partner of the year awards from vendors such as Google, Salesforce and Service Now. More information about Accenture’s move to buy Cloud Sherpas can be found on the Accenture website.