Accenture Finds Citizens Willing to Give Up Personal Data for Better Service

A recent study of people around the globe done by Accenture finds an alarming trend. Based on the results of the study, it can be seen that a majority of citizens are willing to offer government services their personal data in exchange for better service delivery. The study was based on a survey that encompassed over 6,500 people across all of mainland Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America. Over 58% of respondents noted that they were unaware of how to share feedback-related responses with their government agencies. A mere four out of ten respondents said they were satisfied with the level of interaction they had with their government services.

More Personalized Service Desired

As many businesses have realized over the years, there is a need for connecting with the consumer on a personal level. This new survey shows that citizens are also concerned about connecting with their governmental agencies on a more personal level. A whopping 84% of respondents admitted that they were glad sharing personal information with administrative agencies if they got more personalized service for doing so. A smaller amount, two-fifths of respondents, mentioned that they had no problem with governmental agencies sharing information between themselves to offer better services to the public. Citizens’ data is one of the essential things for governments to protect in the twenty-first century. This willingness to share data comes with an added expectation for governmental agencies to preserve the data they collect.

Pushing for Innovation in Public Services

Many of the respondents (more than three-quarters) stated that they wanted to see more innovation in the use of AI customer service agents to interact with the public and deal with their needs. Half of those surveyed said that they believed that AI agents could deal with their queries in far less time than human agents could. Virtual agents also extend operating hours for these government services, and 49% of those involved in the survey stated that they expected to see improved response times from public services using these agents. At present, only about one in seven citizens used an AI agent to deal with their public service queries. The results show an extreme disconnect between what the public wants and what public services deliver.