Accordo Group Reveals New Platform for Business Growth and Cloud Management

Accordo Group, a worldwide renowned technology lifecycle management and cloud optimization B2B leader has revealed Accordo Cloud Optimizer’s launch.

Accordo Cloud Optimizer is a comprehensive platform for cloud management as well as performance optimization.

Enabled using predictive analytics, big data, and proprietary technology, Cloud Optimizer allows partners who have dynamic visibility as well as actionable insights to continually manage, control and deliver concerning their promise of the cloud. Being in a possession of a unified view of their customers’ cloud environments, true costs and consumption trends, Cloud Optimizer powers partners who have automated alerts as well as targeted recommendations to strengthen cloud success and create new sources of revenue.

Eric Martorano, CEO of Accordo said that when it comes to the cloud, no one forsees adoption or spending to become slower anytime soon. Eric also emphasized that cloud success needs new ways to comprehend utilization, mitigate risk, drive performance, and manage spend effectively. He concluded that Cloud Optimizer is the solution, and the way by which the most innovative partners will supply cloud optimization and continual growth in business.

Now available for Office 365, Cloud Optimizer provides partners with the ability to give the value-added services needed by their customers to scale through cloud complexity, expose revenue opportunities and also grow profits.

Michael Goldstein, President of LAN Infotech retorted that ranging from operational efficiency to saving of costs, Cloud Optimizer is in the business of providing huge value. Goldstein said that solutions as this one provides MSPs and their customers the insight into their cloud environments that help in saving time. He concluded saying that when time is money, Cloud Optimizer is sure to deliver.