Acer is Showing Up Early to the IoT Party

Image Attribution: Flickr

According to research provided by IDC, the total market size for the Internet of Things (IoT) could reach $1.7 trillion by 2020. This number represents a total increase of over 156% from current estimates. IDC reports that the current IoT market is worth $656 billion.
With so much money and growth opportunities at stake, it seems as if Acer is trying to show up to the party early and become a name brand that is synonymous IoT innovation.
Although Acer will probably continue to manufacture PCs, it’s no secret that traditional desktop PC sales are on the decline. With so many consumers and enterprises migrating away from desktop PCs, Acer must continue to innovate and reinvent itself in order to stay relevant.
Robert Wang, a general manager of Acer, recently said, “Preparing for this business represents a very critical moment for us, otherwise we will be too late.”
Acer’s IoT Push: aBeing One
Acer’s IoT initiative starts out with a device called the aBeing One. Expected to be for sale in the third quarter of 2015, the Acer aBeing One device solves a key problem for many IoT companies looking to bring products into the market.
The Acer aBeing One simply connects to a smartphone or a wearable device and functions as a hub for the data to become analyzed as it leaves the IoT sensor. Since developers need a secure platform that enables consolidation, sharing of information and communication, the Acer aBeing One acts as a one-stop shop solution for IoT devices that require a hub to facilitate communication between the actual sensor and the cloud.
Acer’s take on IoT is actually being referred to as the IoB, which stands for the Internet of Beings. Acer mentions that their aBeing One product is being loaded up with a version of Ubuntu Linux that developers can use to create highly functional solutions for environments of any size.
For more information about Acer’s commitment to the Internet of Things and cloud connected devices, check out the official press release on the Acer website.