Acronis Adds Mobile Backup to True Image Cloud

Acronis is rapidly becoming known as one of the top rated backup solutions for the computers in your home and office. Did you know that Acronis True Image Cloud 2016 now gives consumers the ability to backup data from their iOS and Android mobile devices?
As smartphones and tablets become an essential tool in our technology driven lives, it becomes important to find a way to keep a secured backup of all of the data that may be storing on these devices. There are a few additional complexities involved with backing up all of the data from your smartphone and tablet, based upon vendor, exact OS, etc. Acronis True Image does all of that for you by presenting the end user with a cleanly designed, easy to use, backup solution for your mobile device.
“People are becoming increasingly dependent on their mobile devices for personal and business use. They contain irreplaceable data such as photos, videos and documents,” says Katya Turtseva, spokesperson at Acronis.
Acronis gives users of this software an online dashboard that helps them manage the status of their backups from any device in the world. Backups can even be setup through this dashboard so that you can execute a backup without even having the mobile device you wish to backup in front of you. Another cool feature for the desktop version of this software is “Try and Decide.” As new versions of operating systems such as Windows 10 hit the market, the older drivers may not be completely compatible with the new OS. Acronis’s Try and decide allows you to try a new driver and revert to a previous version should the new driver begin to cause blue screens.
Acronis True Image Cloud operates on an annual subscription model that costs $139.99 per year for 1 PC and 3 mobile devices. Other packages are available that let you backup 3 PCs and 10 mobile devices. As people buy additional licenses, the price drops significantly. Those who have the 2015 version of True Image will receive a free upgrade to the 2016 version.