Acuris Risk Intelligence Launch Acuris Cybercheck

The Acuris Risk Intelligence team has announced the launch of a very recent addition to their already growing list of software platforms. Acuris Cybercheck, which is the newest addition, is a platform of data which enables organizations or enterprises to monitor the use of their classified data. Personal individuals are also not left behind from the use of this platform.
The Acuris Cybercheck is one which comprises of database from 2018. This database is considered as one of the largest data base and it consists majorly of a list of data used in malevolent ways. The Cybercheck enables clients to search, through tools including APIs, for and identify the various use of their data. This helps them to be quickly informed when their data is used for malicious purposes. The Cybercheck serves as a platform that combines human skills with machine-based search tools to provide the best services to its users.
According to the Managing Director of Acuris Risk Intelligence, Joel Lange, “We are particularly excited to launch something that is timely in the market space, as more and more people share sensitive- usually financial- data with a range of online organizations, the need to ensure Data protection is therefore crucial for peace of mind. With Acuris Cybercheck, companies and individuals can research and monitor potentially malicious personal data collected from secure, well-known criminal forums on non-indexed websites around the world.”
Acuris Risk Intelligence is known to be one of the fast rising registered data providers. The company was founded in the year 2004 and it gained its company status in 2005. It offers clients access to their data through different platforms such as the SaaS platform or API or through the use of Feed technologies. Through their services, customers get to monitor the activities surrounding the use of their data, ensuring that their information are not involved in what is considered as malicious use of data, such as in cases of financial frauds and corruption activities. Its combination of cybersecurity contents makes it a driving force to be reckoned with in the industry.