Adaptive CASB Security Platform Introduced by CloudLock

Every day, organizations must face the realization that their enterprises have become the premier target for advanced cybersecurity tactics. With all of the different cloud security suites available, it can be difficult to decide which one will work best for your network.
CloudLock has just introduced the industry’s first adaptive CASB Security Suite, which is designed to integrate into almost any cloud platform. CloudLock is calling their new product the largest cloud security ecosystem available, giving administrators the ability offer multi-mode protection.
CloudLock works by reinventing the way we think about network security. Traditionally, businesses take a network centric approach to formulating a security strategy. With CloudLock, businesses are able to provide comprehensive security against advanced threats using cloud analytics, cloud risk insight, and community intelligence. CloudLock says that its cybersecurity ecosystem can find security risks and stop them dead in their tracks.
CloudLock capitalizes on industry recognized intelligence feeds. That means, if a known malicious server is repeatedly trying to authenticate on to your network, CloudLock is smart enough to block the access until an administrator can review.
Community intelligence is also a big selling point for CloudLock. If a user tries to access a website that is known host for malware, the CloudLock CASB is intelligent enough to remediate the threat across the entire CloudLock ecosystem.
“The new security paradigm demands security be where the users and the data are,” says Gil Zimmermann, CloudLock’s CEO and Co-Founder.
“Increasingly, the cloud and mobile devices along with new collaboration services have become ubiquitous. Organizations need to build an intelligent and coordinated security ecosystem to survive and thrive in this new cloud economy. This is what we call an Adaptive Security Platform,” Zimmermann explains.
The CloudLock CASB platform has other features such as its Cybersecurity Orchestrator, its Unified contextual Analysis Framework as well the ability to give administrators a real time update on the latest cloud security vulnerabilities.