ADAR PersonalCloud Enters Beta Testing Mode

Image Attribution: Flickr

Small to medium sized business owners have looked for an all-in-one cloud solution that gives end users flexibility while providing tech management peace of mind.
Introducing the ADAR PersonalCloud, which is built for end users or small to medium sized enterprises. ADAR PersonalCloud gives business owners the ability to provision resources for new employees within seconds.
How does ADAR PersonalCloud work? The idea behind ADAR is the take as much work as possible off of the plate of the management staff at your business. ADAR provides your end users with a 50GB Exchange mailbox, 1TB of cloud storage, Skype for collaboration and Microsoft Office 2016.
Instead of deploying a traditional PC, ADAR PersonalCloud lets businesses setup virtual machines in the cloud. This lets end users connect to their work PC from any device or location in the world. Not only does this save your company money, it allows end users to bring their own devices, which lets users work in a familiar environment.
When your workers utilize the a virtual desktop in the cloud, ADAR will take care of all the updating, patching and other security related tasks for this virtual machine. Not only does this keep your business safe; it takes a burden off of your staff from having to perform maintenance on a fleet of virtual desktops.
Since the ADAR PersonalCloud offering was built to work with Office 365, end users will be able to share documents and collaborate on cloud hosted documents in real time, thus streamlining your internal business processes.
“ADAR PersonalCloud is the perfect companion to the iPad Pro and other tablets and can easily make carrying a traditional laptop truly obsolete by recreating the big business IT work experience on these thin devices, with or without an attached keyboard,” says a press release by ADAR.