Adobe Announces 3 New Cloud Apps; Photoshop Touch Gets the Ax

Image Attribution: Flickr

In 2011, Adobe announced the release of its Photoshop Touch app. The innovative app brought many of the same features that users of the Adobe Photoshop desktop app have come to love and appreciate onto their mobile devices and tablets.
That will all come to an end soon, as Adobe has announced that they will discontinue selling the Photoshop Touch App in app stores.
Some analysts have suggested that the Photoshop Touch app was priced too high. Although the app costs around $10 to download, some believe that pressure from similarly featured apps that were being offered for free could have been the reason for the app’s discontinuation.
Adobe mentions that they will officially discontinue the Photoshop Touch app on May 28th 2015. Adobe says that they will remove this app from all of the major app stores by this date. Users who have previously purchased the Photoshop Touch app will be able to download the app from their download history. Support for the app has been officially discontinued.
Adobe has announced three other apps that will take the place of the Photoshop Touch app. These apps are called Color CC, Brush CC and Shape CC.
On Adobe’s Blog, Adobe admits that bringing Photoshop to mobile “presented us with some pretty daunting challenges.”
The blog post goes on to say that they have a new offering called Project Rigel that will give users “a serious retouching solution for mobile.”
Bryan Hughes from Adobe writes, “I couldn’t be more excited for current Creative Cloud members as well as those who are just discovering what Creative Cloud and our mobile apps can help you create.”
Hughes adds, “You now have more ways than ever to be creative, and your creativity is no longer tied to a desk. With a comprehensive collection of free, cloud-connected applications at your disposal, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.”