Advellence and Magnitude Merge to Create an Optimal Intelligence-Based Digital Management Solution; Agility PIM

Advellence solutions company has announced a partnership agreement with Magnitude Software company. This is for the purpose of increasing the market and support value for the brand, Agility PIM. Agility Product Information Management (Agility PIM) is one of the leading solutions in its field.

This partnership is one that is going to be of mutual benefit to both the Advellence and the Magnitude software organizations. Advellence will benefit from the Master Data Management(MDM) and also the Data Warehouse DIW solutions programs owned by Magnitude Software. At the same time, the long term PIM expertise and track record from Advellence will be very beneficial to Magnitude Software.

Magnitude software has an already existing product selection range which includes simplification of application data for businesses among many others. The company helps numerous business to increase productivity and efficiency in delivering their services by breaking down on data management and delivering simplified data applications.

With its highly rated success at Artificial intelligence, Advellence’s digital asset management solution can be well paired to the new Agility PIM version. According to the CEO of Advellence solutions, ‘Beyond the advanced capabilities of the business-friendly Agility PIM solution, our customers will further benefit from Magnitude’s industry-leading Data Analytics and MDM and unique SAP product connectors to solve the mounting application and data challenges facing today’s digital enterprise. With Magnitude’s unified application management portfolio, we’re able to implement an unmatched offering that encompasses connectors to SAP, other ERP solutions, data analytics, MDM, DAM AND PIM.

Advellence solutions AG is an IT focused company that offer a wide range of IT solution services to clients. These services ranges from consulting to development and they are fully unified to bring out the best result after implementation. With a large client base platform that ranges from upcoming enterprises to already large enterprises, the Advellence solutions ensures to fully integrate the Master Data Management as an important part of their solutions portfolio.