American Enterprise Bank Partners With EVault

Small community bank American Enterprise Bank (AEB) has announced their decision to use leading online backup provider EVault.

Until now, AEB was using the unreliable and outdated tape backup process which was difficult to manage and measure, if not impossible. Moreover, slow speeds can be seen in tape backup which is what was severely affecting AEB. Aside from these issues, the bank was seeing a decrease in employee efficiency and this ultimately could have led to a loss in potential business.
John Hampson, CIO of American Enterprise Bank, said, “Our tape-based system was just not a viable solution any longer: it was outdated, difficult to manage and took valuable IT hours from our staff. We needed a more modern and flexible system that would serve us for the long-term. With EVault we found the reliable data protection and recovery we were looking for. Now I have no worries about data protection.”
Most importantly, customers demand the highest levels of security and secrecy from banks – something which their tape backup process sorely lacked. With constant daily attacks on commercial establishments it is imperative for banks to ensure full customer protection.
Terry Cunningham, president and general manager of EVault, elaborated, “Financial institutions like American Enterprise Bank hold troves of extremely sensitive client information and operate under rigid compliance regulations. If that data is lost or compromised, and if they’re unable to remain compliant, their business is seriously compromised. With EVault SaaS, EVault Express Recovery Appliance and EVault CDR, American Enterprise Bank can confidently assure its data is recoverable, fully compliant and safely backed up both locally and to EVault’s failproof Cloud.”
Such a small decision is likely to have a major impact on this community bank. Customers have been putting emphasis on their security and as the cloud market develops on a whole, more people are beginning to accept it.