Affinitomics Provides Affordable AI Using the Cloud

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Have you ever built an app or operated a website only to find that you could get more work done if you had some sort of application that helps you with all of the grunt work? Affinitomics might be the platform that’s right for you.
With Affinitomics, artificial intelligence can be provided affordably to both independent developers and large enterprises alike. Prefrent, the company behind Affinitomics, says that its artificial intelligence platform self organizes data, thus making the Internet appear “Smarter.”
The AI works be analyzing all of the text in a document while simultaneously examining the document’s context. Organizations that try Affinitomics AI platform will be able to better handle data while simultaneously finding actionable data, which could lead to improved work flows and increased profit margins.
“Conventional A.I. systems are expensive and time consuming, and typically they are ‘point solutions’ that work for specific jobs,” says Rob Hust, CEO and Co-founder of Prefrent.
“Affinitomics, on the other hand, is an effective A.I. layer that is easy to deploy, inexpensive to implement and maintain, and it can be applied nearly anywhere on nearly any type of system,” states Rob Hust, Prefrent CEO and Co-Founder.
Affinitomics has also produced a WordPress plug-in that will help you use the power of cloud based artificial intelligence to help display, present and share content on your website. This WordPress plug-in is called AI-Mojo.
Best of all, Affinitomics really is affordable. Starting at only $19.95 per month, development teams can begin implementing AI on their websites and apps. Developers can use JSON objects as Affinitomics is designed to use the ReST API to allow you to integrate this technology amongst your existing ecosystem of applications.
Affinitomics is patent pending and is currently bring integrated and tested in business, health care, social networking and the legal industry.