Afiniti and Avaya Grow AI Partnership

AI behavioral firm Afiniti has deepened its ties with Avaya holdings to create a system that seeks to pair consumer reps with clients based on their personalities. By collecting information about users, Afiniti AiRo catches subtle hints of human interactions and partners with Avaya AI Routing to offer the most suitable representative to an incoming client. Customer service representatives sometimes have to deal with clients that don’t work with their personalities. The resulting conversation can lead to one or both parties feeling frustrated or dismissed and doesn’t bode well for a company’s public image. This technology holds a lot of promise for businesses that want to improve their customer service delivery.

Customer Experience over Customer Service

Industries are experiencing a growing trend where their marketing efforts aren’t trained towards customer service anymore, but the entire experience. The combined systems of Afiniti and Avaya offer a unique way to increase the value of that customer experience. Companies that utilize AI systems in their contact centers have far better efficiency in delivering service to customers. As a customer-centric system, the combined implementation of Afiniti AiRo and Avaya AI Routing offers more personalized service and helps to engage the customer uniquely.

Custom Metric tracking Included

While there are standard metrics that a business can undoubtedly use to track the viability of the combined AI system, there is also a high degree of customizability. Companies can choose the key metrics they optimize for and review how the AI system has been performing through the dashboard. By allowing this level of control, individual businesses can focus on the things that they want to see improved upon and inform the AI what pain-points need to be addressed when routing clients to representatives. This information can aid the business in developing a better relationship with clients. Thanks to the scalability and adaptability of the product, it can even see success in small contact centers of less than thirty people.