AI Enhanced Flight Check-In by JAL and Accenture

Imagine a service that uses artificial intelligence to take care of passenger requests at the check-in counter of the airline. This is the advantage of the new solution provided by the partnership between Japan Airlines (JAL) and Accenture.

The service looks to know the communication between the check-in counters and passengers. After this, essential information is transferred to the agents’ devices (their tablets precisely), almost in real-time, including every other relevant information pertaining to the passenger’s trip. The two companies are launching a new start at Haneda Airport and Narita Airport, where they are piloting the AI-enhanced service international check-in counters from today, the 12th of March, 2019.

This service makes use of several AI applications such as voice recognition, to recognize and interpret the statement made by the agents, so it can get data from JAL’s knowledge database or website and also reply passenger queries on the go.

For passengers, the service was put together to hurry up on the process for check-in and also ensure the time they now spend at the airport is not as stressful as it used to be. This is in line with the goal of Japan Airlines, which is to form new value for customers, while remaining ahead in its industry.

For the employees, as opposed to taking their jobs, the new technology would only make their work easier. The service will provide them the avenue to run a seamless process for check-in, one that previously involved a wide range of printed documents and operating systems to answer questions that have to do with seat upgrades, baggage pickup for linking up with international flights and information on where the airport longue is situated at the destination.

JAL understands the fact that the right combination of technology and people has to exist for generating innovation. They also highly anticipate the welcoming of this technology by the employees as well as the passengers.

The pilot operates on an AI platform that leverages on various business processes, AI engines and data hub as a bank that that can generate and continue to enhance responses.