AI Hive Mind Claims to Predict Super Bowl Winners

Most football fans have an idea about what’s going to happen in the Super Bowl. However, an AI hive mind claims it can reasonably predict who the winner will be, using its data analysis. Unanimous AI is a company that intends to use AI alongside the aggregated opinions of humans to make predictions. So far, the system has made some remarkably accurate suggestions about the outcomes of events. Unanimous AI’s agent has been better than experts at forecasting trends in the financial sector, diagnosing medical conditions, and predicting who would win an Oscar at the Academy Awards.

Using Swarm Intelligence

Within nature, a lot of species demonstrate a collective intelligence that humans refer to as a “hive mind.” These species tend to make more effective decisions as a group as opposed to individual members. Unanimous AI leverages well-informed humans as part of a hive mind to make decisions. It uses a similar principle to these species that rely on swarm intelligence. The more humans who are knowledgeable about a topic that weighs in on it, the better the system will be able to predict the outcome of an event. Louis Rosenberg, the founder of Unanimous AI, says that the system is doing what the internet already does by connecting the opinions of experts.

AI Working Alongside Informed Opinions

The factor that sets Unanimous AI apart from other predictive systems is its use of artificial intelligence, together with the collected expert knowledge. Before its predictions on the Super Bowl, Unanimous’s Sportspicker AI beat the spread in 70% of the playoff games this season. While the internet already aggregates the opinions of well-informed people, it can be challenging to discern what actionable insight their ideas can give. Unanimous AI solves this problem by offering a clear solution. On Super Bowl Sunday, it’s Sportspicker AI thinks the Kansas City Chiefs will take the title.