AI May Soon Help You Speak to Your Pets

While many pet owners might contend that they already communicate with their charges very well, new AI technology in development might increase the efficiency of that communication. Researchers from Google and MIT recently cracked previously undecipherable scripts using a technology that allowed them to break down languages into logical, understandable sequences. Similar techniques can be used to help humans understand the nuances of animal “speech.”

Deciphering Languages Through Association

The researchers that broke down the scripts Linear B and Ugaritic into understandable portions used a system that allowed them to create databases of related words and phrases. They used a method by which linked words formed “vectors,” which hinted to the context of the terms. By using these linked phrases, researchers were able to connect concepts and slowly unravel the mysteries of these ancient scripts.

It’s not too far of a stretch to think that we could do the same with animal communication. Humans have tried for millennia to understand and communicate with animals. We have recognized many of the body-language signatures that animals display, but so far have yet to break down their sounds into understandable communication. By using the vector method of associating words with their meaning, we could potentially breach this barrier and be able to understand animal “speech,” even if we may not be able to speak to them as yet.

Bringing AI Full Circle

We already use AI in a variety of situations, from completing our emails to enabling us to perform complex tasks in half the time. The ability to talk to our furry companions is just another step in using AI to interact and understand the world around us. The World Species Project has already taken steps to utilize AI to aid us in our quest to communicate with other species on the planet. With the newest advancements in language and script processing, the project might find success sooner rather than later.