Airship to Launch New EU Cloud Site

Airship is a globally known customer engagement company with numerous marketing and digital teams. Their customer base includes a large number of the world’s biggest companies and they serve them by helping them develop more intimate interactions with their own customers. This it does by providing them with relevant and coordinated messages across its various platforms. Created in 2009, Airship is known as one of the first known companies in the area of push notifications, it has however developed its services to more innovative services such as providing clients with tools, such as user- level data, engagement channels, artificial intelligence services, to help them deliver the messages properly thereby building trust, creating more bonds, and boosting values with their clients.

As such, the new creation of its unified EU cloud site on the google cloud platform will help to create more quality services for clients. The EU cloud site will be a separate but virtually identical instance of its high performance U.S. production environment. The platform is well in compliance with the GDPR standards and it also fully satisfies the EU-US privacy shield, which helps to ensure that European customers can also make use of the U.S cloud site.

TICTRAC is the personalized health and wellness platform that enables many of the largest healthcare providers and insurers to help their customers lead healthier lives, whilst reducing cost and improving retention and cross- selling. Lasting engagement is paramount, and in airship, we found best- in- class capabilities to welcome, engage and motivate users across apps and email, and the expert services to ensure success for our clients. Having all of Airships’s data and systems reside in the EU is icing on the cake.” said Saagar Bains, the head of products at TICTRAC.

Airship has also increased its integrations with customer’s data platforms including mParticle and also Segment, this will help to ensure that bi-directional data exchange across customer’s stacks is fully utilized. Other tools used by Airship in its service delivery includes its Performance Analytics and SMS. Airship has also created a pre- built integration with Microsoft Azure Event Hub to help with more effective analysis and storage services.

According to the CEO and President of Airship, Brett Caine, “We are on a singular mission to help businesses around the world create end- to- end digital experiences that grow customer loyalty and lifetime value. As we work to make the best engagement platform even better, we will maximize the value our business customers receive with a relentless focus on simplicity, open integrations, deep industry and regional expertise and new innovations to help marketers grow and retain customers.”

Airship recently positioned as the highest vendor with the ability to execute and further the completeness of vision in Gartner, Inc.’s 2019 Magic Quadrant For Mobile Marketing Platforms.