AirVM Gets Recognized by VMware as a Top Cloud Platform Management Solution

While Microsoft, Amazon and Google seem to get all of the IaaS limelight, VMware’s vCloud Air is another platform that becoming more popular among enterprises of all sizes.
The allure of vCloud Air is that you can replicate your virtual machines in the cloud in case of a disaster scenario situation.
Other organizations simply run all of their virtualized servers in the cloud. For those that do primarily utilize the vCloud Air platform, AirSembly by AirVM is being touted by VMware as being one of the most highly recommended cloud management platforms for vCloud Air workloads.
AirVM says that AirSembly is designed to efficiently deploy workloads into virtual environments.
“AirSembly used with VMware cloud technology presents our vCloud Air Network Cloud Providers with a platform that helps them with all aspects of their VMware-based cloud business,” mentions Geoffrey Waters, VP of Service Provider Channel, VMware.
“By using our technologies together, service providers can utilize automated provisioning, integrated billing and self-serve capabilities which can help accelerate cloud services to customers,” added Waters.
AirVM goes on to say that it’s AirSembly lineup for vCloud Air allows organizations to simply and easily deploy new virtual machines in the cloud. This provides value added resellers and service integrators with the ability to sell, provision, manage, and bill for each and every cloud service that they deploy.
AirVM also mentions that its platform has endured millions of transactions. Those that use AirVM can use AirSembly to deploy services to both end users or directly to businesses, your choice.
Joshua Vautour, the CEO of AirVM, recently mentioned that AirSembly was purpose built for VMware’s vCloud Air platform.
With AirVM being officially recognized by VMware as being a recommended vendor for their cloud management suite, more organizations around the world will likely begin embrace AirVM and the AirSembly platform for their VMware vCloud Air based workloads.