Aite Group Awards CSI Best User Experience

Aite Group has released a report titled ‘AIM Evaluation: The leading Providers of U.S Core Banking Systems’ in which it announced Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) winner of the best user experience provider. CSI is a company that offers end-to-end financial technology solutions.

 Compiled early this year, the AIM report takes a close look at the Core banking systems providers in the U.S. After reviewing the strengths of CSI, which includes their unwavering focus on the usability and user experience of the banking space, it’s no surprise they got the award. CSI’s efficient and transparent management team, in conjunction with their high retention rates are the leading reasons this achievement.

According to a senior analyst with Aite Group, David Albertazzi, CSI stands out from the market as a result of NuPoint –their redesigned banking platform. Its new-age graphics and overall look compliments the platform’s innovative way to show banking connections.

NuPoint is continuously highlighted throughout the report not just as a cloud-based core platform but for its sublime user experience and the easy-to-use and customizable nature. It’s currently used by financial institutions all over the United States. CSI has help banks eliminate the need for costly hardware & software investments for in-house systems with their expert support, resources and infrastructure. It also greatly improves their internal reporting abilities.

Steve Powless, Chairman and CEO of CSI seems very happy with the achievement. He made it known the team at CSI is proud to provide creative and user-friendly solutions, while staying focused on keeping it faster, more compact and productive in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Computer Services, Inc. is a company that takes delight in delivering core processing, mobile and internet solutions, payment processing and other core banking system operations.