Alabama Company to Help Future Soldiers Through Technology

A technology company based in Huntsville, Alabama will be meeting with Army officials to unveil their new software developments that could assist soldiers on the battlefield in the near future.

This technology will allow soldiers on the field to look across and detect any targets that may be of interest including tanks, drones, and other firearms. The purpose of the technology is to identify, track, and alert the soldier of the threats that could be forthcoming.

Arcarithm, Inc. hopes that their equipment helps lighten the workload of the soldiers using them and allows them for more accuracy. The development should also allow for less false alarms while in battle.

The CEO of the company, Randy Riley, believes that the new software they have developed will not only save the lives of those fighting for our country but on our homeland as well. They want to be able to detect firearms and weapons before they ever enter a building so that security can be alerted, and the threat detained.

The company is set to meet with Army officials next week and if approved, the software will become a part of Operation Quarterback in an effort to help identify enemy targets. This is an operation that is intended to help with developing better ways to manage future battlefields.

Arcarithm, Inc. is an advanced artificial intelligence technology company that has a focus on American security. Their software products not only detect weapon threats but possible drone attacks as well. Their core competencies as a company include artificial intelligence, command and kill system integrations, and kill vehicle technologies.

The staff for Arcarithm, Inc. are highly skilled in system engineering, test engineering, software development, hardware development, and business strategies.

The company is already working with several commercial government agencies which include the U.S. Army, Airforce, Marines, Navy, Missile Defense Agency, and NASA.