AliBaba Partners With United Nations In The Fight Against Hunger

Reports pertaining to this new launch are as follows;

“The Hunger Map LIVE is a visual wake-up call every day, showing us a real-time snapshot of the problem and reminding all of us that we must do more to defeat hunger,” said WFP Executive Director David Beasley, speaking at an event with Heads of State, civil society and technology industry leaders on the side- lines of this year’s UN General Assembly in New York.

“The Hunger Map LIVE demonstrates WFP’s commitment to digital transformation, working strategically with partners like Alibaba to use technology in ways that help us become more efficient and effective,” Beasley continues.  “We started this strategic partnership with Alibaba in 2018 because we know that in the digital age, cooperation with the technology sector is critical. We need to continuously explore the latest technologies, newest ideas, and build lasting synergies with partners to help us reach those furthest behind.”

Lijun Sun, Partner and Chairman of the Alibaba Foundation also said, “We are excited to provide our leading technology and resources to join WFP in the journey to fight hunger. Launching Hunger Map LIVE is only the first step. Across the Alibaba Group we have developed a leading technological ecosystem, and by working with the experts from WFP, we can really see it in a new perspective. This aligns with our vision of using technology to create a better world.”

“Hunger Map LIVE is a global public good, an online resource available for anyone to use,” said WFP’s Chief Economist and Director Arif Husain who oversees the team providing the food security data and analysis. “Food insecurity is usually measured in a static way even though we know that it is dynamic because it changes all the time. With the application of this technology, the global community has access to daily food insecurity estimates, and that is revolutionary.”