Aloft Chicago Mag Mile Retains Position as Hospitality Tech Leader

According to Mike Baldinger who is the co- founder and also the managing partner at Eventon, “Evention is proud to work with Aloft Chicago Mag Mile, a leader in leveraging automation, to reinvent cash management in hotels. The team understands that traditional manual cash management is outdated, inefficient, and costly. By applying technology, they have transformed a traditionally cumbersome and manual process into an automated process. Evention takes great pride in knowing that cash recycling enables Aloft Chicago Mag Mile to improve operations, enhance customer service, increase employee satisfaction, and ensure cash accountability.”

Eventon is a known global supplier of software solutions especially in the aspect of back office processes for a range of industries including museums, hospitality and also retail industries. The company helps to change the normal manual processes of payment to innovative automated ones such as gratuity payrolls, group billings and even credit card reconciliation.

The partnership between these two organizations will help to introduce innovative automation services to new aspects of hotel services. This will be maximized by the use of a robot butler known as ‘Botlr’. Botlr is used as a roaming tool to ensure the efficiency of independent properties, and can also function as a sort of delivery service for necessities such as snacks, towels and toothbrushes. This introduction will help to enhance the rate of efficiency of hotel services and also enhance users experience by making their platforms more interactive and fun to use.

 Jim Buchanan, the controller of Aloft Chicago Mag Mile, said “Evention has significantly reduced the time required to process and reconcile daily cash. This solution has also increased accuracy, streamlined cash operations, and reduced the administrative burden of manual reconciliations. By implementing cash recycling and automation, our operations and management can shift focus to further improve the customer experience.” Aloft Chicago Mag Mile is known as one of the newest Aloft countries in Chicago and also the largest one in North America.