Amazon Introduces "Pay-As-You-Go" API Gateway

Image Attribution: Flickr

Amazon Web Services has announced that it has added an API Gateway within AWS. Amazon says that its new API Gateway enables users to build, publish and monitor their Application Programming Interfaces easily and securely.
There are no minimum fees to begin using Amazon API Gateway. Developers can begin implementing APIs from AWS within their apps and only pay for the actual API calls made along with the bandwidth costs of the data being transferred out. AWS makes it easy to begin using APIs in your web apps. In fact, Amazon API Gateway does not require its customers to make any upfront commitments.
APIs are beginning to get a lot more attention due to the rise of IoT. Since organizations are putting cloud connected sensors on everything to record data, it would make sense that some organizations would want to publish that information out there in a digestible format for other app developers to utilize.
“Building and running rock-solid APIs at massive scale is a significant challenge for customers. And yet, this is one of the most important ingredients for building and operating modern applications that are consumed through multiple devices,” says Marco Argenti, VP at AWS.
AWS had added a plethora of helpful features within its API Gateway. For example, an API provider can setup their API to work with AWS Lambda. With Lambda, when an API call is made, the infrastructure behind the API call automatically spins up in a fault tolerant fashion in order to facilitate to the request. Once the request has completed, Lambda can be configured to spin down the EC2 instance and the customer is only billed for the time used on the VM to the millisecond.
Clients of the new API Gateway at Amazon mention that development times have decreased from days and weeks to hours. Amazon API Gateway’s official page is located at