Amazon Offers A Better Solution for House Hunters

Amazon is already a significant player in the retail industry, but the business intends to bring a bit of tech to the traditional world of house hunting. Amazon unveiled a solution for people looking for homes and wants to release it to a selection of fifteen cities in its initial trial. The technology named TurnKey attempts to take the hassle out of finding, vetting, purchasing, and furnishing a home. By leveraging experienced real estate agents, Amazon hopes to provide a much more streamlined interaction for customers that are on the house-hunting trail.

TurnKey will have the task of connecting potential buyers with a real estate agent that has been trained to spot what a particular client wants. If the client does close the deal with their agent, then Amazon intends to offer between $1000 and $5000 worth of furniture for the new homeowners to furnish their house. Amazon’s intention in delivering this technology into buyers’ hands was to introduce technology into an area that has yet to experience it and to ensure that buyers get value for their money.

Additional Perks that Come with TurnKey

While the sweetened deal of having as much as $5000 worth of furnishings from Amazon in a brand-new house, homebuyers have even more to look forward to. Based on what the home costs the new owners, Amazon intends to offer perks that scale with that purchase price. Lower-value homes will still benefit from a series of Amazon Echo products as well as furniture assembly, cleaning, and a plethora of other benefits. Homes on the upper portion of the value scale are likely to get even more from Amazon. As thanks for using their TurnKey service, users can expect Sonos speakers and as much as $1500 in credit towards home services provided by Amazon. The initial run of the service will happen in these 15 cities: Washington D.C., Seattle, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, North Carolina, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Florida, Tampa and Orlando, Denver, San Francisco, California, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.