Amazon Rolls Out Unlimited Everything Cloud Storage Plan

Image Attribution: Flickr

Amazon looks to change the cloud storage game by introducing a plan that allows you to store unlimited files, videos and documents for only $59.99 per year. Amazon’s $59.99 per year rate breaks down to only $5 a month. Amazon Cloud Drive’s new Unlimited Everything plan costs significantly less than the 1TB of space that DropBox and Google Drive currently offer for a $10 to $12 per month price tag.
Amazon’s Cloud Drive works much like many other desktop syncing agents. There is an app that you can install and it will upload the files you choose from your local drive into the cloud. Users with smartphones can download the Amazon Cloud Drive app and enjoy all of their media that they’ve synced into the cloud. For those who are on the fence about Amazon’s Unlimited Everything cloud storage plan, Amazon currently lets you try the service for 90 days for free.
Amazon has also announced a package called Prime Photos. This package allows you to utilize your Amazon Prime membership in order to get unlimited photo storage and 5GBs for video storage. If you do not have a Prime membership, it appears as if you can get a similar plan called Unlimited Photos which gives you the same specs as the Prime membership. The only caveat is that you will be charged $11.99 per year. Just like the Unlimited Everything plan, Amazon seems to have included a 90 day free trial for those who would like to try before they buy.
Amazon’s new cloud drive packages have completely undercut its competition in terms of price and space. Before you start using your free trial, it’s important to read over the Amazon Cloud Drive Terms and Conditions before you start in order to make sure the service is right for you.