Another Smart Move from Amazon as it Acquires Mesh Router Maker, Eero

Amazon has announced that it has signed an agreement and is set to acquire home mesh networking startup, Eero.

The company made this known in an official press release earlier this week. Founded in 2014, Eero, based in San Francisco sells $399 gadgets that can easily spread wi-fi throughout a home.

Eero currently competes with popular mesh systems like Linksys Velop, Netgear’s Orbi Wifi System and Google Wifi.

Prior to this definitive agreement and merger between the two companies, Amazon had been strengthening its bid to gain more control over home connectivity.

Its voice-activated Echo devices is a huge plus for the company, and just last year, they bought Ring, makers of wi-fi connected video doorbells 

Albeit the specifics concerning the amount Amazon is acquiring Eero was not discussed, the deal is set to be wrapped up within the first half of the year.

Dave Limp, SVP of Amazon Devices and Service, has expressed satisfaction over the merger. He disclosed that Amazon was seemingly impressed with the strides Eero had taken in recent times in their quest to improve a smart home experience for customers the world over.

Founder of Eero, Nick Weaver, has also disclosed that his team was particularly delighted with the deal. He also noted that his team will work closely with Amazon, in defining the future of smart homes, and also give them a platform to reach more customers from every part of the world.

Eero users, regardless of the shape and size of their homes, can customize the router to meet their custom requirements. They can also spread bandwidth to every connected device in the home, eliminating dead zones, ensuring improved streaming.

With its unique and easy-to-understand app, users can set up the router within 10 minutes, program parental controls while sharing the network. Eero also receives instructions from the cloud to install updates, making it a self-improving system.

Prior to this agreement, Eero has enjoyed a 4.6stars rating on Amazon.