Amazon Wants Facial Recognition Tech Regulated

Amazon’s corporate website has updated its point of view on several pressing social issues, including the widespread use of facial recognition technology. The online retail giant has recently found itself in hot water over antitrust proceedings from the US government has stated that they support the government regulation o facial recognition tech. Another of the critical social issues addressed on the company’s website is its support for an increased federal minimum wage.

Internal Provisions for Facial Recognition

Amazon’s use of facial recognition tech has been governed by strict rules, according to the company. However, because of the impact facial recognition could have on countries around the world, governments should move to regulate the use of this technology, the company continues. The online retail giant states that they expect the US government to set up a regulatory framework quickly to deal with this emerging technology.

Privacy and Human Rights

The company stated that they supported immigration reform and actively aims to create a diverse workforce and society. Additionally, the company went on to note that they supported measures by the US government to increase transparency. Amazon also stated that they were willing to cooperate with any federal privacy legislation that increased transparency, access to personal information, and the right to remove that information, as well as making it illegal to sell that data without express consent from the user.

Minimum Wage and Taxes

In a somewhat surprising disclosure, the company also noted that the federal minimum wage of $7.25 is too low and proposed an across-the-board wage increase to $15. Additionally, the company, which has benefitted from avoiding or evading taxes for years, supports reform of the international taxation legislation. They reasoned that excessive and redundant taxation, as well as the provision of loopholes, affected business behavior, turning companies away from providing efficient services to the public.

It is an exciting change of pace for the online retail company since it dominates that particular market. It remains to be seen whether governmental bodies will consider the company’s statements in moving forward with legislation.