Amazon Web Service Security Hub Released

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced the release of Security Hub. The new platform allows customers to manage security on a dedicated AWS interface. The Security Hub acts as an automated alert system to provide real-time security information to those that need it. In addition to continuous scans and alerts for security issues, customers can also set up automated compliance audits to facilitate faster remediation.

Rather than gathering this information from multiple sources, the Security Hub now keeps all of this relevant information on one simple to use platform. This dashboard-like view gives customers live insight into their overall security status, allowing customers to also act quickly in the case of a security or compliance issue. Security Hub does not have a required time commitment to the service.

Even better, you’ll only pay for the compliance checks that are completed. Customers can also have up to 10,000 security findings per day before they are charged for additional finding services.

There are countless third-party platforms that generate security reports and compliance audits. However, prior to the launch of the AWS Security Hub, all of the information was spread out across multiple dashboards and platforms, often with different reporting measurements.

Security Hub automatically detects vulnerabilities, threats, and sensitive data leaks while providing virtually instant alerts as soon as an issue is uncovered. Some of the biggest names in technology are already leveraging AWS Security Hub with great success.

GoDaddy is a leader in domain registration, website builders, and additional online products and services. “GoDaddy leverages AWS Security Hub not only to provide us with a single-pane-of-glass view across our security and compliance issues, but to operationalize our security and compliance finding,” stated VP of Engineering Demetrius Comes.

The release is restricted to certain geographic areas with expanded releases soon to follow.