Amazon WorkMail Debuts Against Google Mail and Office 365

When it comes to enterprise cloud based email, organizations certainly have a plethora of options to choose from. Amazon has announced that they have jumped head first into the cloud based enterprise email market by debuting their new mail system called Amazon WorkMail.
With Amazon’s new WorkMail offering, organizations can simply sync up their Active Directory data with the cloud and begin deploying email to your end users using the security and reliability of the AWS cloud.
WorkMail integrates seamlessly into most of the popular email apps on the market. WorkMail also makes use of the calendar feature found in most enterprise email apps. With this feature, mobile users will be able to get calendar alerts to ensure that they never miss a meeting again.
If your business already has an email system such as Microsoft Exchange, it would be prudent to use the email migration tool that AWS has posted on their website. This will help your business get up and running quickly on Amazon WorkMail.
Currently, Amazon is offering the WorkMail service in its US-East, US-West and European regions. When your organization stores mail in these regions, the data stays in this locale giving your business peace of mind in terms of where your email data is physically located.
The announcement of Amazon WorkMail was announced on the Amazon blog last week. Although Amazon may be late to the corporate email party, AWS could be able to successfully convert some of their public cloud customers into enterprise email customers.
AWS has several baked in security features for WorkMail, giving organizations the ability to encrypt all of their data both in motion and at rest. AWS WorkMail plans offer each user 50GBs for email storage at a price point for $4 per user, per month.