Analytics8 To Be Acquired By Accenture

Analytics8 is a known global supplier of data and analytical solutions to other businesses. These receving businesses are from different industries ranging from the money sector to the health sector. They help their clients to develop better understanding from available information through critical analysis of the data.

Analytics8 have about 70 experts who work with them in fully utilizing the use of AI- powered information and other means such as automation solutions and analytics to develop more growth in their client’s businesses.

Accenture has recently started showing forth commitment at investing in digital growth channels through mediums such as innovation and analytical technology. This recent acquisition deal will therefore serve as an aid in helping clients to transform their already growing businesses. It will provide clients with a specialized AI approach to solving major analytical problems in their business, while also ensuring that the approach is cost-effective and also has a large scope for more revenue generation.

Dr. Athina Kanioura, the chief analytics and global applied intelligence lead at Accenture recognizes that the key to providing clients with utmost value is in possessing the right talent to do that, hence the acquisition. According to him, the acquisition will serve as a means of balancing their company in its deep analytical and technical expertise, thereby helping clients to progress in the recent trend of digital transformation of virtually every market industry.

As a complement to this, Hedde Schitemake, the co-founder of Analytics8 expresses their excitement at joining Accenture, claiming that the merging will enable the two companies to combine their strengths under one single umbrella and drive the business market.

Accenture is one of the worldwide leading company which provides services and solutions in fields such as digital technology, consulting and strategy operations. With expert experience in numerous industries, the company is known to provide its clients with undermined value for every of its services. The company also recently acquired BCT solutions, which is a company specialized in cybersecurity and technology , and PrimeQ, a top SaaS service provider in this bid.